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It was the Fall of 2011. The Youth Group was growing, and it became apparent that if we wanted to continue reaching the masses and meeting their spiritual needs, then we were going to have to think naturally, we thought of cocoons. 


in 2012 came the launch of a new small group ministry that we nicknamed "Cocoons." We chose the nickname because cocoons represent a place to weather storms, small spaces where great transformations take place, a place for those who struggle, finding new life (in Christ), a place to grow, a place to become something even more beautiful, a place of preparation, a temporary home, a place of protection, a place of refuge, a work in progress, out with the old, in with the new, and a place where you prepare to take flight.


The way that we've been able to witness God working through this particular aspect of youth ministry has left us in AWE. Every Wednesday night, God flings open the doors of our youth building and loads it with students. Hardly a week goes by that we don't meet someone new. In fact, you should stop by if you haven't!


We currently have 31 adults who serve as cocoon leaders, working closely with these students on a week-to-week basis in order to help them grow closer to the ONE that life's all about. 

what's up with cocoons?

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