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Reputation A good name is more valuable than great riches.

All Things Pure A series about being set apart and sanctified in a world that doesn't understand purity

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Our God is an Awesome God Stories that proclaim the great power of our God

The Table What God offers us at His table.

The Heart of Kindness There's a difference in kindness and niceness. What does true kindness really look like?

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#friendshipgoals What is true friendship all about?

Out of Your Shell We are all different, but we all have an important role to play on Jesus' team.


Like A series about some people in the Bible that we want to be like

Candy Land A sweet take on some great Bible stories


Before and After After people met Jesus, they were never the same.


The Struggle is Real We asked our students what they struggled with, and it created a series.

Purple Gorillas Practical ways for students to clearly and humbly show Jesus to their school.


Worth Dying For How important is church really?

When You Get a Job A lesson on seeking God's kingdom first

Make Room A series highlighting the spiritual truths and meanings behind the 14 youth rooms at the chapel.

Revenge of the Purple Gorillas More practical ways to live out your faith in your school!

The Giving Tree God gave. Will you?

Ya Filthy Animal Simple truths from God's Word that we also happen to see in the movie Home Alone. AHHHHHH!!!

9 Ugly Truths about Social Media Ever wish social media came with a user's manual? This might help...

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