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It all started with a crazy idea that a high schooler named Elliott had. He didn't want to go to his high school dance. To him, the idea of the dance was stupid, boring, and ridiculously expensive.

"I'd much rather get a bunch of people together and go buy an outfit at the thrift store," he thought.

And so he did.​ And Goodwill Hunting was born.

This has become hands-down, one of our favorite events of the year! Basically on Prom Night, we get a bunch of high school students together, go to Goodwill, and give them 10 minutes to find their outfit. Awesomeness happens. Then we take the whole awkward crew out to eat, get pictures made, and do an epic scavenger hunt (last year it was at Opryland Hotel!).

Basically it's the best night ever! And you don't want to miss it! 

Goodwill Hunting

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